Product Info

PGO Horticulture Ltd offer the following products & services:

  • Nutrient: PGO's experience supplying nutrient goes back to the 1970's. If you need clean, well balanced, soluble hydroponic/fertigation feeds then we can help for most crops
  • Rockwool: European sourced sterile growing media that offers the ideal balance of moisture and air to give seedlings and cuttings an excellent start.
  • Medias: PGO can supply a wide range of media to suit your requirements including sterile pumice, scoria, Vacroc (rockwool), vermiculite, perlite and oasis.
  • Electronics: At PGO we stock a wide range of electronic equipment from a variety of manufacturers to ensure we have the right equipment to meet your needs. Whether you require a simple station controller or a full greenhouse control system we can provide the best solution.
  • Lighting: The team at PGO have many years experience in the practical use of horticultural lighting. From small propagation or experimental growing systems through to supplemental lighting in your greenhouse we can help you out.
  • Heating & cooling: Correct temperature is important at all stages of growth. You need it warm enough to encourage mineral uptake and good growth, yet cool enough to reduce stress and disease. For nutrient and environmental heating and cooling PGO can offer you practical solutions.
  • System design: We have many years experience designing systems in NZ and also for many climates overseas. So whether it is for a full new system or an addition to an existing system see us first about our system design service.
  • Ebb & flow, flood & drain: This is a great method of ensuring even automated irrigation/fertigation of seedlings or container grown plants. PGO are able to design a system to suit your requirements that will ensure excellent growth of your crop.
  • Cleaners/Sanitizers: PGO stock a range of cleaners and sanitizers that are suitable for the horticultural industry. This range includes some that are safe to use with your crop in place.
  • Irrigation equipment: From a simple dripper through to a fully automated fertigation system that puts the same volume to each plant, PGO has the knowledge to design and supply a system to suit your requirements.
  • Water treatment: Water can come from many sources - some good, some bad, and some that changes by the day. To ensure a good, healthy crop and prevent blockages and scale in expensive equipment, contact PGO to discuss the suitabilty of your water and to obtain the best advice on water treatment.

    For more information on these products & services please contact us on phone +64 7 280 6561 or send us an email to