4x 100w COB Integrated LED


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Next generation Intergrated COB (chip on board ) 32 x 3 watt LED's per chip. 
Colour balanced to produce excellent vegetative and flowering growth.
Chip cooling fans at the back of the unit.
Very good lower canopy penetration.

320 x 320 x 85mm
Yields approx. equivalent to a 250w H.P.S. light
Lumen output 12925

Each Chip LED Ratio:  
660 Red x12    640 Red x10  610 Orange x2  525 Green x1   470 blue x4     430 U.V. x2     740 I.R. x1
No need to replace bulbs every year as with HID lights. Bulb can last 9 years with only minimal degradation. This doesn't mean it will last 9 years, only if it does there will be little degradation.
Low heat output makes LED's ideal for hot conditions.  Less heat to be exhausted means you can reduce the size of your exhaust fans and filters ( if using filters). In winter, you may need a thermostatically controlled oil filled radiator heater to maintain a good growing environment temperature. Set it to 18 degrees C for tomatoes, chillies, etc. and it will come on at that temp. and go off when the temp rises
Approx. 75% power usage compared to similar yielding HID lights.

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