Rockwool Slabs 40x40x40mm

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Rockwool is a natural mineral product, spun from melted basalt rock. It is used as a growing medium, start to finish growing in one medium.

Rockwool starts out sterile, free of pests and diseases, no expensive sterilization is required. 
It has many forms, propagation blocks, and growing on cubes. 
Rockwool has no soluble minerals present, so fertilizer control is very easy, especially with fully balanced hydroponic nutrients. 
This product is a warmer growing medium than soil beds, combined with better water content control providing the ideal winter growing medium. 
Rockwool is a very cost effective growing medium, suiting both seeds and cuttings. 
It can suit flowers, vegetables and fruit production, because it's very versatile. 
It has excellent water retention and air to water ratio for a good root environment.
Rockwool propagation blocks are designed for both seed and cutting propagation, for initial plant production prior to transplanting into larger growing blocks, with no root disturbance. Lettuces and a range of herbs and small plants can be grown in the propagation square cut blocks in both NFT and flood/drain units without any other media being used, no loose media to get into the upper leaf area on transportation to the consumer, it arrives clean and free of contamination.

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