Custom Nutrients - Keys to Growing in your Greenhouse

History of our Nutrients

PGO Horticulture has experience in Hydroponic and Fertigation nutrient that runs back to the seventies. Chances are if you have a crop in mind we have developed a nutrient for growing it. And if not we can call on our decades of experience to work with you to get the nutrient that maximise your yields and optimise your crop health, whether growing outdoors or under a greenhouse.
Only the cleanest, contaminant free raw materials are used to manufacture our products. This ensures the trouble free operation of dosing equipment, lessens the possibility of blocked emitters, and the best performance of your crop.Custom formulations are developed to suit your water supply, so often overlooked yet critical, including degree of hardness and elements present, type and stage of crop. This enables you the grower to minimise waste, with less frequent dumping and still maximise growth. And often you are able to use water supplies previously considered unsuitable. Generally mixes are batched and not blended in bulk to ensure consistency and make sure that every mix is true to formulation, giving great growing confidence.
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These Lettuces are grown in temperatures that can exceed 40 degrees Celsius. This is only made possible by a correctly designed system and great nutrition.

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