System Design and Build

The only recipe for success is a correctly designed system, made from well proven products and operated correctly using the right inputs.

PGO Horticulture Ltd have designed and installed a wide variety of types and sizes of systems.
Systems are designed to suite the planned crop, taking into consideration the local conditions, water supply and often the local electricity available.

So whether it is a full system, from a nursery for young stock and seedling production to a main growing system with water treatment, or if you are just looking at additions to an existing system, rest assured PGO Horticulture can help with cost effective and practical solutions.

The Information we will need to provide a quote will include, but is unlikely to be limited too:

  • The desired crop
  • Full mineral test of water supply, with an idea on volume available
  • Area/Shape/Size of greenhouse(if using one)
  • Details of the electrical supply
  • Method of growing you have in mind e.g. recirculating NFT, dripper to waste, EBB & Flow etc
If you need help with any of the above do not hesitate to contact us below.

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