At PGO Horticulture we have been supplying and installing control equipment for greenhouses and hydroponics/irrigation for many years. Installing a controller to look after your crop is all about "trust", and we only supply equipment you can trust.
If considering a new installation, or upgrading an existing one, why not gain the benefit of our years of experience to assist in offering the best options. From a simple station controller to control automatic irrigation, through to a fully automated greenhouse environment with PC integration, you can view from your boat while fishing (provided there is coverage for your modem), PGO Horticulture can help with cost effective reliable, practical solutions.


The Autogrow MULTIGROW system is a particularly flexible system that can be configured to perform Climate Control, Fertigation, Dosing, Batching, Irrigation and system monitoring. When fully configured the controller can support a system with up to 8 Climate compartments PLUS up to 8 Dosing/batching/irrigation systems PLUS a full function Fertigation system with built-in re-blend and calendar scheduling. On top of all this it can incorporate an advanced monitoring system for root-zone, drain water and aerial environment.

EC Minidoser with two mini peri pumps

The EC Mini-doser is cheap enough to use as a mains powered monitor, continuously displaying the measured electrical conductivity. With two mini peri dosing pumps they are a low cost reliable dosing system.
  • Reading can be changed to EC or CF
  • Timed dosing for easy set-up
  • Range from 0 to 9.9mS (0 to 99CF)
  • Resolution 0.01mS/cm (0.1CF)
  • Graphite electrodes for minimal contamination
  • Easy to recalibrate by using 27.7CF standard solution
  • Displays dose count
  • If dose count per hour exceeds user limit alarm sounds and dosing stops
  • Built-in alarm (can be turned off)
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